Betty Hill is Alicia's best friend from the West Tower. She is the only girl from another tower to appear regularly in the books. Like Alicia, she likes to play pranks and has a quick tongue and the cheek of her friend, but is not smarter than Alicia. The two together form a super pranking duo who continuosly amuse all the girls in malory towers. She helped Alicia to goad Darrell in Second Form, and taking the role of co-producer of the Christmas pantomime in In the Fifth.

Appearance Edit

Betty is mentioned that her forehead is covered by bangs.

Personality Edit

She is quick tongued and mischievous and has a love for pranking just like her friend Alicia. Even though the two are in different towers they still are the thickest of friends and never cease to amaze the girls of their form with their amusing and well planned pranks and tricks

Abilities Edit

Pranking, doing tricks and just practically having fun. She does have the cheek and quick tongue of Alicia but not her wit and smarts

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Brother Edit

Betty mentioned that her brother sent him the magic chalk.

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