Connie Batten was a new student in Darrell's fourth year. She has a twin sister, Ruth Batten.

Appearance Edit

Connie is described very different with her twin which makes people hard to believe that they are twins. Connie has a big and sturdy body, while her twin has a little body.

Personality Edit

Connie is a very obstinate girl and very determined to her sister. She always do everything that Ruth should do herself, and answer the questions that addressed to Ruth, except in the class, which is quite surprising. This makes Ruth look like Connie's shadow. When Connie left in the fourth year and Ruth in the fifth, Connie came into the fifth dormitory to check Ruth when she was supposed to be in her bed, that made the fifth-year yelled at her. But still Connie stood obstinately. Only Ruth could defeat Connie, and make her go. Alicia described Connie as a "thick-skinned" and "wants a whole lot of pummelling and shouting at before she feels or understands what they're getting at" while Darrell said that Connie's got" the cheek of a dozen" and she won't give up easily.

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