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Gwendoline Mary Lacey, nicknamed Dear Gwendoline Mary, is one of the minor antagonists of the series. She came to Malory Towers in the same time as Darrell. Gwen is vain and shallow, attaching herself to any new girl she thinks is glamorous or rich. She has to leave the sixth form early when her father falls seriously ill.


She is described as having a sheet of long, blonde hair which she likes to wear loose around her shoulders, and big, pale blue eyes. She is mentioned to be rather overweight and spotty.


Gwendoline is often described as selfish, lazy, conceited, hypocritical, spiteful, petty and spoilt. She is deceitful, determined, and she is not academically gifted but very clever when she badly wants her own way. She clings to new girls such as Clarissa and Zerelda, especially if she thinks they are rich or glamorous. She is portrayed as bringing all her misfortune upon herself, although she does have a point when she later tells Alicia, "You don't need to be rude immediately you see me," after Alicia makes a biting comment when Gwendoline is barely through the door.

Gwen might not have grown up to be the person she was if it weren't for her mother and governess, who constantly spoiled her and gave her own way. Gwendoline is very selfish and conceited and only really cares about herself. She pushed her father to the point that he became ill from exhaustion so that she could go to finishing school, and in the fourth form she deceived her parents, by saying that she was ill from having a weak heart, this shows that despite her selfishness she was very determined, scrupulous and clever when she badly wanted her own way. When her father became ill, she changed herself drastically and she stopped being selfish and looking only out for herself.


Gwendoline is very bad at sport, and lazy at her lessons.

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Gwendoline seems to be jealous towards Darrell because of her high spirits and popularity amongst the girls. This started when Gwen cruelly ducked Mary-Lou in the pool, and was shook by Darrell whom lost her temper for the first time.  However, Darrell calms down, admits that she was in the wrong, and apologises to Gwendoline. The girls now welcomed Darrell in warmth, but not to Gwendoline, as she did not accept Darrell's apology with grace and did not apologise to Mary-lou either. This made Gwen more jealous of Darrell and wanted to seek revenge. She then decided to play horrible tricks to Mary-lou and make it seem like it was Darrell.,

In the last book, when her father became ill, and she had to leave the school, Darrell came to her to cheer her up. Later, she wrote Darrell a letter.

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Gwen is a victim of Alicia's sharp tongue. Alicia also likes to push Gwen to the pool.


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Gwendoline is the only child of Mr and Mrs Lacey. She was home-schooled for the first twelve years of her life by her doting governess, Miss Winter.

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