In the Fifth at Malory Towers

Enid Blyton

Cover illustrator

Lilian Buchanan


Stanley Lloyd

Publication information


Originally Released


Preceded by

Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

Followed by

Last Term at Malory Towers


In the Fifth at Malory Towers is the fifth book of Malory Towers series. This time, Darrell is in the Fifth form and find two unpopular girls, Catherine and Moira, have been left behind whilst the rest of their form went up to the Sixth. The domineering Moira is made head girl and from the first, clashes with Alicia and others due to her unpleasant personality.

Brief SummaryEdit

Darrell and her friends are excited this term, as it is the fifth form pantomime, which is written, acted and produced entirely by the girls themselves. But things don't go as smoothly as everyone wants them to with Moira giving out her orders, to the girls rehearsing on stage. Then there is someone who is sending out anonymous letters, which makes everyone uncomfortable. But Mam'zelle Dupont lightens the load a little with a trick she plays on the Fifth formers.

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