June Johns
June Johns
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Alicia Johns (cousin)
Mrs. Johns (aunt)

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Brown (cover)

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Brown (cover)




Malory Towers


North Tower

June Johns makes a first appearance in the Upper Fourth at Malory Towers. She is Alicia's younger cousin, has all Alicia's faults and none of her better nature. She is responsible for Darrell losing her head girlship in Upper Fourth and sends poison pen letters to Moira in In the Fifth, almost being expelled. New girl Amanda coaches June for the sports team in Last Term, until June loses patience and storms off. She redeems herself by rescuing Amanda from the sea, and promises Alicia she will try her best to carry on the family name.


June is depicted as having medium length brown curly hair and brown eyes.


Ever since she is first seen, June is shown to be bold brazen and very cheeky. She disrespects her elders and Felicity once comments: "Honestly, Darrell, she is awful. But if she wasn't so frightfully funny sometimes, no one would speak to her."



As recognized in the In the Fifth, June is very gifted at sports.


Family and FriendsEdit

Alicia Johns Edit

June is Alicia's cousin and has all Alicia's faults and none of her better nature. Like Alicia, she is smart, likes to play tricks, and sharp tounge, but meaner than Alicia's.

Sam Johns Edit

Sam is Alicia's older brother and June's cousin. According to Alicia, Sam is fierce against June. Once, he punished June for running around the backyard of their house twenty times. But June seems to has respect toward him.

Felicity Rivers Edit

Similarly to Darrell befriending Alicia, Felicity becomes friends with June during her first term.

Darrell Rivers Edit

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