Mavis is a supporting character on Malory Towers series. She is the only character who arrives 'offstage'. Mavis arrived the term before Third Year and is seen as boastful and proud of her wonderful singing voice which made her not very likeable and unpopular among the other girls. But she loses her voice when she sneaks out to a talent contest and gets caught in the rain on the way home. She is forbidden to sing for at least a year, and becomes much more likeable. Her voice has recovered for her to sing in the fifth form Cinderella pantomime.

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In the Third Year at Malory Towers, Mavis is described as a little girl with red hair and little eyes. But In the Fifth at Malory Towers, Mavis was chosen as the prince in the Cinderella pantomime and amazes the audience with her recovered voice.

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At first Mavis appears to be a very egotistical girl who is very proud of her voice. She boasted about soon being an opera singer and earned a bad name among the other Malory tower girls. After she loses her voice she realizes her mistake and becomes a more likeable girl and recovered her voice in the fifth year.

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Mavis has a very wonderful voice and wanted to be an opera singer. 

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