Sally Hope
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Head of Form (Second year)
Head of School Games (Sixth year)




Mr. Hope and Mrs. Hope (parents)
Daphne Hope (sister)

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Malory Towers


North Tower

Sally Hope is Darrell Rivers' best friends. She has a little sister named Daphne, and is older than her by at least twelve years. Sally first started at Malory Towers when she was twelve, and was sorted into North Tower. She is best friends with Darrell Rivers and was head girl of the form in Second Form. In her sixth year, she was elected sports captain of the whole school.


When she first appears, she is described as a small, plain-looking, sturdy girl, with a prim, plain, closed-up face and tightly plaited hair. She is later described as having blossomed out into a bonny girl.

Personality Edit

Sally was initially sulky and rude, keeping herself to herself, largely due to depression and jealously of her younger sister. When Darrel helps her clear up the issues, she opens up and the two become best friends. Sally becomes more likable after this, and is very loyal to Darrell. She is serious, calm, quiet and sensible. A responsible girl, she is ofen the voice of reason in her form's frequent antics.

Despite her good nature, Sally has one big failing, and that is jealousy. Sally easily gets jealous over Darrell's other friendships and gets upset when her parents dont pay her as much attention as they used to when baby Daphne was born.

She is popular in her form butbthey often label her to be boring due to her dislike of Alicia's tricks.


She is good at sport, becoming Sports captain in her last year, and is moderately good at lessons.

Family and FriendsEdit

When Sally's baby sister, Daphne is born, Sally becomes extremely jealous of all the attention. She assumes that her mother and father are trying to get rid of her by sending her to Malory Towers. Darrell clears it up with her and Sally becomes very fond of her sister.


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Later Life Edit

Later on after Malory Towers, Sally goes to University with Darrell, Betty and Alicia. Whilst there she trains very hard to become a primary school teacher.