Second Form at Malory Towers

Enid Blyton

Cover illustrator

Lilian Buchanan


Stanley Lloyd

Publication information


Originally Released


Preceded by

First Term at Malory Towers

Followed by

Third Year at Malory Towers


Second Form at Malory Towers is the second book of the series, following Darrell's life when she starts in the second form. Despite Darrell being the main character, it also follow the new girls: Ellen Wilson, who joins Malory Towers by way of a scholarship, who liked Darrel, has a lot of trouble during her first term, Daphne, who's latched on to by Gwen due to her supposed wealth, and Belinda, a talented artist, but forgetful like Irene

Brief SummaryEdit

Darrell Rivers is looking forward to her new term in the Second form at Malory Towers and meeting up with her friends again. There are three new girls this term in the North Tower, Ellen, Daphne and Belinda. But Darrell doesn't yet know how the term will end, with a dramatic cliff top rescue and with a storming Cornish sea raging below.

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