There are many teachers at Malory Towers, pretty much all of them good sorts. Some are more popular amongs the girls than others.


At Malory Towers there are many teachers. For each tower/house there is a leader and a form misstress for each form. There are other teachers for other activities.

Miss Potts= Nicknamed Potty by the girls. She is the head of the North Tower and the first forms misstress. Firm and strict. She often teaches maths and English

Miss Parker= Firm, strict but a good sort. She is the second form mistress.

Miss Peters= Third Form mistress. Calm and firm.

Miss Williams= Fourth Form mistress

Miss James= Fifth Form mistress

Miss Oakes= Sixth Form mistress and history

Miss Hibbert= English and Drama

Miss Nicholson= Geography

Miss Maxwell= sports and PE

Miss Linnie= Art (once accidently referred to as the sewing mistress in book 5)

Miss Grayling= Head Mistress

Miss Donnelly= Sewing

Mam'zelle Dupont= French

Mam'zelle Rougier= French

Mr Young= Singing Master

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