Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

Enid Blyton

Cover illustrator

Lilian Buchanan


Stanley Lloyd

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Third Year at Malory Towers

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In the Fifth at Malory Towers


Upper Fourth at Malory Towers is the fourth book of the Malory Towers series, written by Enid Blyton. Darrell return to Malory Towers for the fourth year with her sister, Felicity. Jean MacDonald has moved up to the fifth and Darrell is the head of the form. This year they are joined by two new girls — the Batten twins that look nonidentical and the girls quickly learn that they have very different personalities too. The third new girl is Clarissa Carter. Clarissa arrives to school late, allowing Gwendoline Lacey to twig to the fact that she is an 'Honorable'.

Brief SummaryEdit

Darrell's young sister, Felicity, is in the first form this term, and Darrell is looking forward very much to showing off her beloved Malory Towers to her young sister, but Felicity befriends June, a person who Darrell isn't very keen on. But that doesn't take away the excitement Darrell has when she learns she is made head girl of the Upper Fourth. But being head girl isn't quite as exciting as Darrell hoped it would be, and soon begins to lose her temper.