Zerelda Brass
Zerelda Brass
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Zerelda Brass is an American girl, who is being driven to Malory Towers by Darrell's family. Zerelda is initially put into the fourthform, but, due to her low standard of work is moved down to the third form This allows her friendship with Gwendoline to develop and Gwen encourages Zerelda in her belief that she is 'wunnerful' at acting. The showdown comes during a drama class when Zerelda is humiliated by the teacher and told that she cannot act. She decides that the best thing to be in life is, after all, an ordinary school girl and settles down towards the end of the term.

Appearance Edit

According to Darrell's description, Zerelda has brass-like colored hair. She is 'tall and willowy' and she looks older than her age. She appears sophisticated and Darrell feels shy of her. At the school her appearance causes a sensation and snobby Gwendoline immediately attaches herself to her.

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